The Freedom

Less overhead, more time for development: at Nymphis, we are Agile developers, as well as “agile” organizers! Tired of having 4 meetings a day? Get back to doing what you love best and enjoy the freedom to work in a way that works for you.


Are you an innovator and early adopter? Join Nymphis to test-drive the latest technologies in our field, evaluating their potential to create amazing user experiences and deliver the best solutions for our customers, without sacrificing systems stability and reliability.

The Spirit

Always looking at the next opportunity to grow? We are entrepreneurs, so we understand the need to always be ahead of the curve! We believe in continuous self-improvement as people and continuous evolution as a company, promoting a spirit of discovery and innovation.


We are a team, and we’re in this together, no matter what challenges come our way. You’ll work among people who are interested in your success, because it’s their success, too! Nymphis Technology fosters a culture of mutual support and cooperation.

Open Positions